Profesional Photography

From Food Photography to Portraits ... Everyone deserves spectacular photographs, we make them.


Digital Marketing

We make customized plans for all needs


Graphic Design

From a business card to a large-scale printing project


Interior Design

Learn about our renovation and 3D projects


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Beautiful design products created by ourselves


We form a multidisciplinary work team, prepared, active, always excited to offer audiovisual communication solutions and spectacular products of our own design.

Graphic Design

There is no very big or very small project for us. We have solutions tailored to each need.

Professional Photography

We love photography in a wide range of aspects, from products to portraits, the result will always be professional.

Digital Marketing

We bring digital communication of your company to a new level, from the creation of the plan to the interaction with your customers.

Store [Very Soon]

We have spectacular customizable design products, enter and discover them.



Deeply committed to the projects of our clients who have become part of the Supermars family.



Our training and experience in management allow us a greater understanding of the work and industrial environment, which together with its objectives we use as a starting point for the development of a truly effective internal and external communication.

Todo me sirve, nada se pierde, yo lo transformo…

Supermars, always dedicated to the design and creativity, a serious and responsible company. Always helpful and available for any type of work.

Rubén AraujoTassei Motors - Mitsubishi Motors Dealer

Recomiendo el trabajo de Supermars, por ser una empresa profesional, responsable y sobre todo talentosa en su área, muy satisfecho de los tratos comerciales establecidos.

Ángel Ferrer BoscánInstituto Universitario Cristóbal Mendoza

Supermars es conocida por nosotros, caracterizándose por el fiel y puntual cumplimiento de todos los contratos y obligaciones contraídas para con nuestra empresa, razón por la cual podemos recomendarle ampliamente.

Juan Luis RomeroSonido Impacto 22

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