Digital Marketing

We develop your digital marketing campaign from the bases, starting with company’s objectives, history and trajectory, the products and/or services, the work team and the target audience, also supported by our extensive experience in design, photography and management, we create the best content to retain your customers and attract new ones in an organic and real way through a well-defined interaction with a lot of character.

The Plan

Each project – company, enterprise or individual – has different requirements, so we create individual plans tailored to each communication need.

We start with an internal analysis, where we know your products or services, goals, objectives and personality. Then we go to the environment, your collaborators, competitors and target audience to finally define the message to communicate, language, tone, social networks and audiovisual strategy to be used.

The Content

Once all the information in the plan has been organized, we begin to generate the content supported by our more than 14 years of experience in graphic design, photography and advertising communication: texts, graphics, photographs and videos that will deliver the message.

The Interaction

Social networks are about interaction ♥, this 2-way communication allows us to get feedback from the audience practically in real time and with the opportune response it offers us the possibility of improving engagement, knowing interests, doubts, suggestions, and even complaints.

These interactions are processed and converted into statistics that we review at the end of the month, readjust the plan and start over.

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